Hello to all my Fashion Rebelswith Glamour.   What can I do to not bore your days and more importantly to help you to be always more fashionable? The answer is simple.

For you and only you I have fun playing with clothes; flushing out new pieces, mixing and matching, but what can I say? Mixing involves skirts of every length, suits, coats, jeans, and everything. And you know why? To find just the perfect combination. And so I bring you the coming week ahead! I adore talking with you, I enjoy fashion and fashion events, and above all I adore playing with fashion.

And do you know what I love now that the long autumn nights are beginning? Going out in search of new stylists of course! Yes dear fashion rebels, the ones who are all their own… the young and talented who make the laws, and most importantly, make our wardrobes less boring! They launch the ideas of the future. And as for us? We want to collect the awesome pieces they create. Tell me, how can we not?

Luca Sciascia


Luca Sciascia

So, would you like to know where to find all these new fashion geniuses? At Who is on Next! Come on and play a little game with me. Which of you know Who is on Next? Yes, no, maybe? Come on now and don’t lie to me! Ok, let me explain. Who is on Next is a Talent Scout conceived  by AltaRoma together with guess who: Vogue Italy, the most authoritative name in fashion! You just fell off your chair didn’t you? Admit it! I know you weren’t able to enjoy the Who is on Next? finalist show, but no worries, I’m here for you! For you and you only, check out this video review.


Among the finalists in the July episode there is a particular stylist that captured my attention. You know which one? Luca Sciascia. Who is Luca Sciascia? Let me give you a brief background on him. Luca Sciascia is from Turin, Italy born in 1976. After having studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts, guess what he did. He followed his dream and specialized in Fashion and Textile, and guess where he did it. None other than the most authoritative institute in fashion, IED. In 2014 this extraordinary genius of the fashion industry—after having collaborated with the biggest brands—founded his own label by his name Luca Sciascia.

Luca Sciascia Luca Sciascia Luca Sciascia

This young stylist succeeds to mix clothes—and mark my words—he does so perfectly! He’s got the most harmonious combinations possible. Oh the delicateness and eccentricity! I personally love his clothes, probably because I am so delicate myself, but truly I find his clothes particularly amazing. And of course you know how much I adore you, my dear fashion rebels, and so for you I have found a video that shows you Luca Sciascia’s new collection.


Wouldn’t you know that this young stylist’s goal was to bring back non conventional fashion, and boy did he succeed! Luca Sciascia, with innate saviore faire breaks the aesthetic code of modern society. He mixes elements of art and vintage references with subtle shades of irony! That’s how clothes are born with the intent to recapture a non-conventional fashion idea that breaks the modern society’s aesthetic code. It is this irony that characterizes the fall/winter collection of 2015/2016. For this collection Luca Sciascia draws on the past with scents of the year 1950, but he doesn’t stop with a simple imitation, not at all my dear fashion rebels, that would be too easy. The young stylist reworks not only the form but the typical volumes of the period creating unexpected asymmetry! Do you not find him absolutely divine?! And you know the element leaves us breathless? It’s the element that—just as in our lives—nothing is as it seems. Take the collars for example which are not real but are actually optical illusions to the superficial discontinuity of the fabric! You know what the plastic plots of Luca Sciascia reminded me of—the packaging of the first laundry detergents. And the floral prints he used remade the fantasy of kitchen aprons; simply incredible! The chromatic range across nuances of pastel accented by diluted inflections of black, and beige reflecting the typical and surreal image of the 50’s were interesting too. They resemble a perfect housewife living the luxury version of domestic life that we all await for ourselves.   Then there is an aspect of pop that he incorporates in his depiction of the housewife.

Yes I know today I talked a lot, I promise to be more dynamic next week. You know what I think I will talk about? How to survive your dear and loved mother in law. Of course!



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Luca Sciascia Luca Sciascia Luca Sciascia Luca Sciascia Luca Sciascia