There are stylists that succeed to transmit their strong, free soul across through clothing. And it is exactly that which Sabrin Attiani succeeds to do with the Circle. I have already told you of this dynamic coat, this transformer that each one of us could modify in a completely different way every single day. Only one dress could transform into a coat, vest, or minidress according to our mood.

The Circle permits us to exceed the confines of Fashion, Design, and Art. You can imagine my happiness when Sabrina called me to tell me that thanks to the Cirlce on March 18, 2015 she received the prize in the evocative scene of the Stadio di Domiziano during the Capital of Rome’s event, “WAW 2015 – Women in Art Week”. This Kermesse aims to promote and initiate a creative and entrepreneurial world for women.

My dear followers, it would be a dream of mine to allow you to know Sabrina Attiani personally. I was fortunate enough to catch up with her for an interview and get to know this stylist.

Sabrina Attiani

Your intent to create a sort of element of unity between the two cultures is noteworthy. Where does this idea of your come from?

The idea originates from a long time ago, I had an experience as a girl with the Arabic world because I was supposed to marry a boy from Tunisia. After this meeting, going to Tunisia, seeing all of their mores, their culture, I became fascinated with that world. But I decided not to marry him because I felt very distant from our culture (here in Italy). Besides my spirit is very free and so I would have seen myself as very constricted and would not have felt free. So, we ended the relationship and I married an Italian. But years later this experience is something that remains with me, including the way dress and cover themselves, because it is certainly very extreme. I find in their clothes the essence of feminine expression, a sort of concentration of sobriety. The Circle, with its Spiritual, Philosophical significance has allowed me to approach the Islamic culture. With just a simple button the Circle covers the female body with much elegance. The unique thing is that in the same moment the Circle covers the body, it also liberates it and becomes a Western dress. The Circle demonstrates that we are all equal. We dress in the same way. According to her needs, a woman could cover or uncover herself.

What does freedom mean to you today?

Freedom means to succeed and be yourself, because to change yourself on a cultural, religious, or economic level creates confusion. According to me a person who succeeds to remain herself in all of these circumstances is free.

The Circle is a convertible dress that can be worn in more than 10 different styles. Which is the style that you like the most?

As a coat covering because I find it a little bit mysterious, integrated, but also comfortable. It protects from the wind and rain. Also I think that it that frames the face of the woman quite beautifully. That’s why I saw that it was a nice change from the open look. Until some years ago, when women tested the Circle they did not wear it as a coat to cover themselves, and now instead when a woman tries on the Circle I often put it around her head and her face becomes illuminated.

Sabrina Attiani

Projects for the future?

The first thing I have projected for after the presentation of the Circle in Cairo, which drew much interest, is to familiarize even more of the Islamic world with the dress. I was already confirming one negotiation but I put it on hold due to the war. But I hope to resume it as soon as possible. For me, the Circle has a unique combining element that I care about a lot. The thing that makes me believe ever more in this project is an experience I had with an Egyptian Ambassador. When she came to know the Circle dress she touched me and said, “Sabrina, I am Muslim, and you are not, but we are equal. We have the same essence, we wear the same thing.”

A second project on the horizon for the summer is the Circle as a sea sponge that becomes a bathrobe and certainly a fun game. And the third project is the Circle proposed for men. On the 31st of March Mad Zone will do a presentation of the Cirlce for men.

Sabrina Attiani

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borka gamero
borka gamero
18/04/2015 5:12 am

ensemble Looks amazing <3
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Francesca Gori
18/04/2015 12:17 pm

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Наталия Годунова
Francesca Gori
12/04/2015 4:02 pm

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10/04/2015 3:07 pm

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Francesca Gori
01/05/2015 7:54 pm

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Thespiral De
Thespiral De
09/04/2015 11:48 am

Complimenti, articolo molto interessante! Mi ha troppo intrigata il cerchio, adoro gli abiti che si trasformano!

Un abbraccio


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Francesca Gori
09/04/2015 11:50 am

Thank U very much

Marianna Silvone
Marianna Silvone
08/04/2015 4:43 pm

Intervista molto itneressante, complimenti cara


Francesca Gori
09/04/2015 10:57 am

Grazie mille 🙂