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After the long trip, Anais slept an entire day. When she woke the sun was already sinking and it was almost time to get ready for her Première Danse.
Many years had passed since she had last played with dolls. She was now a young woman confronted with the emotion of making her debut in society.
Everything was ready in the great hall of her villa, and Anais stood in her room trying to control her tears of joy. Just then the maid rushed briskly into her room carrying a marvelous white dress and placed atop of Anais’s bed.
Another young woman accompanied the maid and spying Anais, went right to work. She completed Anais’s makeup, fixed her hair in a stupendous up-do, and finally dressed Anais in the splendid white dress. Anais approached the mirror. She was simply perfect. Her beauty was radiant.


Immediately Mr. Victor entered his beloved daughter’s room and handed her a gift: A bottle of Premiére Danse perfume by Paul Emilien, one of the best perfume makers in the world. The French artisan perfume house of Paul Emilien holds the long tradition of secrets and the techniques of the Haute Profumiera of Grasse that gives life to entirely hand-made products. Despite her makeup, Anais could not hold back her tears. She took between her hands the little package, opened it, and before her eyes appeared the little glass bottle. The bottle was truly a work of art made by a master glassmaker.


She opened the small bottle and right away sensed the first notes of that precious scent: the aroma of red Tasmanian fruits, Argentinian bitter orange, and then a floral and woody base unfolded tenderly from the white musk of amber and Spanish Cistus.
Premiére Danse, a perfume as refined and fresh as Anais appeared that day of her beautiful reveal.
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