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 Hello to all my Fashion Rebels… with style! If like me, you too adore the madness of fashion, you are always super up to date in terms of fashion news, love to be sparkling, brilliant, and dynamic, and can’t help playing with style. And if you’re like me, this time of year you too love to pamper the people in your life with your Christmas gifts, so you certainly know how difficult it can be to find them in these days of craziness during which—despite getting blocked inside the city bus so tight we can’t even breath—we embark upon the lights of the Christmas markets in search. We search for the perfect gift for him…but also we need an original Christmas present for… everyone in the entire family! Yeah, it can be annoying. Right along with the tree and nativity scene, the Christmas music and everything else, we agonize thinking about Christmas Day which by now is just around the corner!

But let me tell you something, I am already done agonizing, in fact I have stopped worrying a few days ago now. During an event organized by the famous digital PR, Martina Valerio, “Margutta Vegetarian Food & Art” I met Gloria Rovere! (Do you know my oufit for these event? Click here). Raise your hand if you know Gloria Rovere! Yes? No? Anyone heard of her before? Well here is a little information about Gloria Rovere: A few words to describe her are eclectic, happy, lighthearted, energetic, innovative, and above all this Argentinian artist is FREE.  

The latest undertaking of Gloria Rovere  is her collection, “L’Erba Voglio” (The Herb I Want). You know what hit me most about her works of art? The color palette of warm tones typical of Argentina that resemble the communal life and energy of everything Latin American!

But don’t worry my dear Fashion Rebels… with style, I have not forgotten your Christmas gifts. In fact, after some vegan cake and a drink, I chose just for you, a whole selection of gifts—for your entire family! Impossibly possible!


Who among us doesn’t have a sister or at least a best friend that we love like a sister? For her, and only her, what about giving this fantastic t-shirt? As you can see they are true digital portraits that tell stories of people in their daily lives. My idea is to choose from among the many portraits the one that most resembles you, so on a day when she finds herself somewhere in the world and misses you, she’ll wear your t-shirt and have a piece of your happiness with her 🙂






How can we forget Mom and Dad?! Especially in these important days?! What about these most beautiful mugs? I adore them. They are seriously kidding. Colorful ways to begin the day with joy and a positive attitude.




I don’t know about you, but my man has a truly sad house! It’s true that he works all day… It’s true that he travels from one nation to the next… It’s true that he practically never lives in his den. But still, how sad are those white walls! So, what about giving him a little help and a touch of happiness with these stupendous prints?!



And here we are at the end of our trip. Have you chosen your gifts by Gloria Rovere? Which do you like the most? Comment, my dear Fashion Rebels, comment! 🙂

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Do you know my oufit for the event in Via Margutta? Click here for more information.

See you next time!


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