Hey everyone! How do I not get bored and bore you?


I am trying to find something I like, and I find that I try… and try again! Ah! Anyone else in the same boat? Anyone else feel that you have so many dreams and yet so many obstacles to overcome? Oplà! Welcome to the world of the “make yourself generation” 🙂 I love talking about fashion and being always snooping around to find nuances… I would like and should like to be everywhere! I often have to wear high heals (who wouldn’t want to, right?)… my clothes can NEVER be wrinkled and… my makeup has to be weather-proof while of course being natural, elegant, and immaculate... Oh the challenge of the Metropolitan jungle! 🙂 Well, what then is our saving grace? THE PURSE!   Which should contain for me in my wardrobe needs and mirror. Always extremely heavy (have you ever weighed your purse?! DO IT NOW!) At the same time it should permit me to spin around on a dime and still be balanced and comfortable without breaking stride.   But it also has to be beautiful and glamorous (if not than how are the others looking at us?) tried and true by the fashion blogger, and every “real” woman, is: KIPLING!


Anyone not familiar with Kipling? Yes? No? Well no problem, let give you a brief synopsis of this fabulous, life-saving brand. Kipling was born in the second half of the 80’s in the Belgian fashion capital, Antwerp. For anyone who doesn’t know this fashion corner in Flanders, you must see it to believe.

The idea came about between three friends… realistic dreamers… like us entreprenureal types. Vincent Haverbeke, Xavier Kegels, and Paul Van De Velde loved beautiful things… colors… that transmit joy even in the rain… without forgetting the quality of resistence.


They revolutionized the word, “backpack” and invented a new way to go about school and travel.

It’s been years and the company has been able to revisit their work, maintaining its indelible value of quality, style and magical exposition of pockets that accommodate all of our needs even still after almost 30 years!

From its inception to today, it is still a brand apart of the VF group and produces bags, backpacks, and unique luggage trollies that are unrepeatable and permit us to have our independence of expression… our courage… our disconformity… but… hear me out… alway remaining super glamorous!

The monkey carries luck and is an extremely useful key carrier (or that anti-stress if we are in a mile-long line and have to resist speaking our peace or writing an impulsive message… ah you know what I’m talking about…we’re all in good company.


There were a few factors that helped these three fine friends to accomplish their dream. A fortunate incidence as it were

Already there was an error achieving the color of the Kipling look that today everyone identifies in the basic Kipling line. When tried out, as soon as the dye overheated… voila!.. the nylon crumpled!!!

The bags went from an “OH NO!” to a world-renowned success that today includes sales in flagship stores in major cities in and outside of Europe. What makes this marvelous brand even cooler? The strong attention paid to ethics, sustainability, and internationalization… but listen, above all it’s their respect to freedom of expression in every environment and every fashion!


Here’s why… Thanks to Kipling fashion has entered the spirit of “Fashion Rebel” that joins everyone of us together deep down.Our dear brand never forgets its practical nature.. finally… I can enjoy maximum multiplicity of compartments… can find everything easily!

I will no longer suffer to go on searching for keys, iphone, ipad... and the unbelievable thing is I can even carry a change of clothes with me! And further yet, have no fear of dirtying your bag… because the fabric cleans easily with a sponge or neutral soap. 


Maintaining unwaveringly its magical water-resistent characteristic!

But you know the thing I’m madly in love with? The monkey! Every bag has one… and each one has a name! Kipling has such a heart for its employees that each monkey is named after one of them! Think a minute, by the end of each season there are 80 monkeys…unique…that differ according to size or color!

But the surprises don’t stop there.  Guess what dear friends, in 2012 Kipling advanced their look and amplified their collections to make us happier yet. Because Kipling knows us perfectly, the new lines came equipped with all the practical utility we need!

Their objective: our happiness. And do you know how? They satisfy our fundamental desires for practicality, quality, organization, and designs that cater to our every mood. Kipling knows how we women love to change our minds, so here we have it, designs that are rich in color, form, and texture.  Are you beginning to see why I am enamored with these bags?!

In less than 24 hours they moved from Chanel shoulder bag to lucid nylon. We can find a thousand different ways to pair this bag with our outfits and have a purse ally that accompanies us for the entire duration of the day.

Dear fashionistas, take my word for it, these classic bags can always be added to our purse collections… including the most loved monkey in the world!

Where to find Kipling? In name brand stores, and on QVC (channel 475 Sky and 32 digital).

At the inauguration of the Rome store I met Eva, Kipling Ambassador for QVC who expressed across her personality all the spark of the brand. You can encounter Eva on QVC where she will give you tons of tips on how to get the most out of your Kipling bag


She exemplifies a solid foundation of passion the work of these bags, their lightness, and contemporary femininity all expressed in cheerful meters of nylon.

Dear followers, what surprises await us in the evolution of the world’s most famous monkey! Who will be next? Us? Of course! We women are curious little monkeys ourselves and within the compartments of our new purses we will discover so many tantalizing new things.

Well, starting midnight on October 18 QVC Channel Italy will be having Today’s Special Value. What does that mean to us? I myself am only just learning (and for a queen of fast, easy shopping this is rather grave!). The channel of home-shopping excellence in which we are speaking (and I hope they want to invite me, curious as I am, for all the monkey fun!) launches each day on different categories a specially priced product of significant value. Not only do they offer a good price, but they offer it on the best products! What a temptation! We get the cream of the crop!




Well, Kipling and its guest, Eva will celebrate together the “QVC family” birthday, while presenters alternate to tell us everything and more on these bags for hours and hours… 17 to be exact, of direct service, and Kipling will be uncorking the champagne. Many surprises to ensue!

I for one will be ready and on the look out for the outfits of Italian taste with a touch of international flare. What a show! A little bit of Belgium, a little bit of the US, all coming together in Italy.

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56 Comments on Kipling: Free-style... but smart

  1. Aisha
    17/10/2015 at 2:12 pm (1 year ago)

    Devo dire che non ho mai comprato su QVC ma alcuni prodotti sono molto convenienti soprattutto per quanto riguarda beauty e makeup (la mia passione) 🙂 e sotto il periodo natalizio adoro guardarlo!! x


    • Francesca Gori
      19/10/2015 at 1:04 pm (1 year ago)

      Io ho comprato dei prodotti in QVC..devo dire che non mi hanno ai deluso…non ho mai dovuto darli indietro….inoltre c’è un grande risparmio…e si riescono a trovare prodotti che qui spesso sono introvabili oppure il prezzo è cosi alto…che bisogna rinunciare…

  2. Denise Sabs
    17/10/2015 at 4:20 pm (1 year ago)

    Mi piace Kipling moltissimo la prima borsa e l’ultima sono molto belle, per me! Mi piace il design e che sono grande, cosi posso aver tutto che bisogno durante il giorno 🙂

  3. La Travelera
    17/10/2015 at 7:51 pm (1 year ago)

    Great bag collection dear! Have a nice weekend XXX


    Instagram @travelera.es

  4. Eva Bergamo
    19/10/2015 at 2:18 pm (1 year ago)

    Conoscevo il brand ma non la sua interessante storia Francesca!!! I tuoi articoli hanno sempre qualcosa in più 🙂
    Un bacione!


  5. sweetsimpleday
    19/10/2015 at 3:10 pm (1 year ago)

    Believe it or not, my hubby has kept his kipling from 15yrs ago. They last forever! Xo


  6. LuxuryColumnist
    19/10/2015 at 5:47 pm (1 year ago)

    I knew the Kipling brand but I didn’t know it was from Belgium, thanks for sharing the history

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  7. Connie
    26/10/2015 at 5:20 pm (1 year ago)

    Those bags are so cute! I especially love the one in the photo with the yellow background!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

    • Francesca Gori
      12/11/2015 at 11:51 am (12 months ago)

      thank u so much these is a Belgian Brand 🙂


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