Four styles the help us to confront in an elegant and highly fashionable way the first meeting with the mother in law.

Hello all my fashion rebels! Do you, like me, find yourself always dreaming? Is your mind always spinning like mine? Always having a thought in progress, searching to accomplish your work objectives but yet always maintaining access to your greatest desire, that to find the soulmate? And perhaps for you too, amongst your dreams the one has taken shape of when that tiresome day arrives–no, not your wedding day, but one that comes before that. The day you meet HER, the first woman who loved your man… your mother in law!   And now in your mind flock thousands of thoughts: What will she like? What won’t she like? Will she ask me to call her mom? What will her interests be? What if she doesn’t like me? What if she doesn’t approve of what I do for a living?… And what type of outfit do I wear for such an occasion?!   First, speaking of outfits, I would like you to make a promise to never lose your style. Maybe we make adjustments, but we never lose our identity! When you meet your mother in law you must demonstrate who you are from the first moment, expressing your ideas in an educated but firm way. Ban all drivel. We are fashion rebels. Never forget it. We begin to speak of the things most intersting in the world: outfits! So here go, here are the outfit proposals you were waiting for:   Classic Style: This style is for all of you who love to dress simply in every occasion, always adapting your clothes to each current event with style. Comesopravvivereatuasuocera1

Rock Style: This style is for all of you who love to be noticed, in each situation, and have rock in your blood! Comesopravvivereallasuocera2

Collegiate Style This style is for all of you who love to be trendy, following every form of trend form morning to night… and still have the soul of a teenager.


Bohemian Style: This style is for all of you who wish you had been born in the 70’s and breath peace and love!   Comesopravvivereatuasuocera3


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