Him: Fedez musician, producer, curious artist. Penetrating eyes, fleshy lips, body covered in tattoos. Her: Giulia Valentina, extremely young with a degree in economics. Sexy, rock, chic. An explosive mix known to couples in which each person is completely opposite of the other. Together they succeed to express a sensual style that is contemporary, rebellious and metropolitan. Their trend is completely coherent with the core values of Sisley, which the couple attests to themselves.
The entire publicity campaign came together in Milan made by Factory 27, and bears the signature of photographer Wayne Maser. It revolves around an imaginary interview, translated visually by a series of questions whose answers are shown in the images of the campaign.



…And then there was me… yes, my dear followers, Saturday March 28 together with 20 girls I took part in Concept #Fedez4Sysley organized at the store on Via Cola di Reinzo, Rome. What did I do exactly? I had the opportunity to ask questions to Fedez. You, as every time I do something particularly emotional, are virtually there with me. And it is only thanks to you that I was able to hold back my nerves and not let them get the best of me because I assure you that last Sunday it was very difficult to stay calm. I arrived to the Sisley store a few minutes early and made my way through the crowd of teenage girls screaming FEDEZZZZZ, and finally with tasseled hair and a wrinkled jacket showed my pass to the security guard who opened the path for me to quickly enter. I admit that it was a little moment of glory being an “unknown” to have the security guard open the gate and let me pass through while the others watched with a subtle jealousy ;). Once I got that out of my system, put my hair back in order and straightened up my jacket, I found a place where I could capture some splendid photos and ask my maximum of two questions (which due to lack of time was reduced to just one). But patience was important being there so close to the person who wrote one of the songs the I listened to 3000 times a day in this last period of my life: Magnificent.
After only 20 minutes the security guards began to clear a small space in the crowd and he entered: Fedez, the young rapper of 25 that in little time succeeded to sell 490,000 award-winning copies of his album and has 11 platinum disks. While I listened to him respond to the questions of the other girls, I discovered that not only is Fedez a brilliant musician and manager, but he is also kind and even though he is a huge success he has managed to remain down to earth.



Ours was not a true interview but rather a chat between him and his fans. During the conversation the artist spoke of his future projects among which he is contemplating another participation in XFactor. He also described his style of clothes to us saying he is a little bit punk, and a little bit hip-hop. Fedez is also a romantic. He recalled with great nostalgia moments in his past such as his first concert to see Leoncavallo, and the trying emotion he experiences both before and after his shows.
The young artist after having responded with great patience to all the questions, took photos, and signed autographs, set off for his next great event which we can be sure will be as magnificent as only he can be.

Everyone, this video is for you:

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borka gamero
borka gamero
19/05/2015 6:39 am

Love this… beautiful event
Have a rocking week!

Francesca Gori
26/09/2015 1:09 pm

Thank U

Ley Mayza
Ley Mayza
11/05/2015 4:52 pm

Je suis ici dorénavant.

A tout de suite !



19/04/2015 10:24 pm

Amazing event!!

Francesca Gori
20/04/2015 10:29 am

Thank U so much Dear 🙂

Sharon Pate
Sharon Pate
18/04/2015 6:48 am

What a splendid opportunity and an exciting event. Thanks for sharing it.

Francesca Gori
18/04/2015 12:51 pm


17/04/2015 4:29 am

That’s so cool! Looks like fun.


Francesca Gori
18/04/2015 12:51 pm

Thank U 🙂