Guide to the perfect outfit for your Christmas outing

Hello to all my Fashion Rebels…with style! Christmas has arrived and by now all the gifts are under the tree! We all love fashion like crazy so I am super convinced that you were diligent in your Christmas purchases and completed your shopping tasks in a super trendy outfit. If however you still have some doubt on the perfect outfit for Christmas shopping, click here  and if you still have gifts to acquire click here 


But now let’s get back to us. You know what I love like crazy this time of year? Walking in downtown Rome. I don’t know about your city, but I assure you that Christmas is super glamorous here. There are lights on every corner of the street… games of fashion lights… you can even meet Santa Clause or the Befana (Befana is an old lady that brings gifts to children on the eve of Epiphany).

rancygfashonblog_Natale2015_5 My dear Fashion Rebels—with style—during the Christmas vacation we must take even more care of our look. We must play with fashion, to be happy, spritely, and dynamic! We must keep our style in tact and ready to go… In order to uphold our status as Human Fashion Blogger, but most absolutely it is forbidden… so super forbidden to be sloppy! And we can never go out on Via Condotti and pass in front of a window display of Dior.. Prada.. Gucci.. Fendi.. Dolce and Gabbana window display in a pair of old jeans! We cannot stand in front of Valentino Palace wearing 90’s pants… looking bored and a mess! Bored I can permit, but a mess, no!


An you my dear Fashion Rebels are asking me, “Yes Francy, but do you know how much it costs to maintain your look?” …I know, unfortunately… but always remember to lift high your Fashion Rebel flag… Fashion Rebel, with style, that is! So this is my trick that I will reveal only to you. While walking around the downtown streets of your city… thinking what to wear for the 2016 New Year… making mathematical calculations worthy of a doctor of quantum physics, of the energy gobbled up during new year dinner… while your mind is lost in thoughts of the New Year’s concert… take a look at the window displays of these great stylists, and then run to Zara  H&M  Bershka  or for the most lazy ASOS or Zalando where you could shop right from your own home!


You see my dear Fashion Rebels, in this article I have shown you my favorite outfit for Christmas shopping! This is inspired greatly by the 50’s if you want to opt for a 70’s style look click here If instead… I simply adore the yellow of my Zara coat … not to mention my Maliparmi hat…  and what can I say about the complimentary blouse and 50’s skirt of Elisabetta Franchi?  What do you like the most? Do you prefer the 50’s or the 70’s? Click here 

Thank you to photographer, Erica Fasano, for the photo shoot and above all for your patience.

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Coat : Zara

Hat: Maliparni

Gloves: Sermoneta Gloves

Chemisier and Midi Skirt: Elisabetta Franchi

Special thanks: Erica Fasano