First trip “Urban Château” totally Milan inspired World of Fairytales

 Hello all my dear Fashion Rebels… with style! You know what every fashion addict loves actually, what every fashion addict adores?…. Spending the night in a Luxury Hotel of course! And when—in addition to being highly stylish—the hotel takes us around the world… in Fairy Tales… it makes our most secret dreams come true! Today this is actually possible, you know where?… Milan; right in the Fashion Capital of the world! The name of this enchanted place?…Château Monfort. 


Hotel Château Monford


Well, let me tell you more. Château Monfort  is an… Urban Relais of which the Concept was inspired completely by… can you guess? The Fairytales of the world! My dear Fashion Rebels, who are always brilliant even when you’re… stuck in a crammed metro, and maintain innate elegance even when you have to run after the morning bus, the moment has arrived to enjoy your much deserved relaxation! (perhaps wearing this marvelous outfit )


Hotel Château Monford


And by the way, the rooms of the Château Monfort , are perfect for… each of us Fashion Rebels respectively! Think a little, that means that each room takes after a different… movie fantasy that permits us to enter into another dimension outside of time! We can finally relax! How nice! Spin around in a room that reproduces a… Forest where curious owls lay hidden or …excite within the retro-style junior suites inspired by the Traviata and the Nutcracker! And in the morning watch… the daybreak through the rooms’ fantastic skylights! Not to mention the places reserved for relaxation. My preference… The Room of Enchantment, inspired by…The Ballrooms of the Princesses! Imagine what it would be like to have a party in an environment that looks like the place where Cinderella met the Royal Prince! (Perhaps for this occasion we could wear this marvelous outfit )




And my Dear Fashion Rebels, the surprises aren’t over yet! The Château Monfort,, is equipped with a splendid…I must say splendid: British restaurant! The name? Ristorante Rubacuori! I cannot help but to imagine how romantic it would be for the men in our lives to get down on one knee and proposed to us in the cozy lounge of the majestic dining hall of this Restaurant.


Hotel Château Monford

Fashion Rebels, now I reach out to you to tell me what you think! Perhaps you’ll want to read this article to your man!


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