Hello all my fashion rebels! Have you noticed? The cold has returned! (At least I live in Italy were arctic temperatures practically don’t exist).

 But we must bury oursevles in layers now that it’s autumn. So, for everyone who adores playing with fashion and always being super glamorous, the fateful moment has arrived. What moment you ask? Sit down and take a deep breath. The moment both loved and hated: the change of seasons. Eh already! For us sparkling, spritely, dynamic women that love ready-to-wear style, this time of year is stressful for us all. It is enough that we run from one event to the other, from one fashion show to the other, from one meeting to the other, and then to the gym for a good swim. By the end of the day we fashion rebel women return home for the evening tired and hungry, and yet our closet awaits us asking, “What will you wear next season… without breaking the bank?!” And here we fashion lovers desperately hunt through shoes, autumn jackets, long skirts, coats… Ugh! We leaf through magazines all night until we finally fall asleep exhausted. But we wake up always more aware how much we adore fashion and ask ourselves, ” what will be the in color next season?”   Well have no fear, I am here to help you. Let me tell you that for this coming year BLACK IS BACK! So relax, sit back and sip your tea… or apple martini… you chose, because now our immediate future does not foresee long lines at Zara intermixed with days at H&M. We can reutilize many of the clothes from years past without compromising our good taste. For all of you who love fashion, hold fast to my words. Indeed, black is back, but my dear fashion rebels, let’s get to playing and accompany it with…

RED: Yes indeed black has returned with red in all its glory from marsala shades to more luminous tones. We give a touch of passion to our cold days by incorportating red into our outfits.

Black outfit

GREEN: Black and green give us a touch of romance and always high glamor, and more than that, we can wear it from morning to night!

Black outfit

BROWN: Black paired with brown gives a touch of class to our wardrobe allowing us to always be tres chic at every occasion.

Black outfit

What other combinations have you discovered? What is your favorite pairing with black this fall 2015? I await your responses and comments! While I was writing I had a great idea and I’ll give you a hint: Luca Sciascia. I will reveal my secret idea in my next post 😉


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