Considering that we are talking about Kipling’s World, I am taking this opportunity to use my craft as a fashion blogger and a good stylist to give some quick and easy suggestions that in the case of Kipling, form a pyramid of the most basic fashion elements which feed into the higher levels of the fashion game across contrasting textures, unusual materials on layered sweatshirts, tone-on-tone t-shirts with surprising touches of light together with the cloaked world and floral fantasies, and reptiles patterns that we bestfriend as genial as those of Jungle Book!

On Saturday, October 10 there is a festive date with Kipling and we are all invited!!!! The celebration commemorates Kipling’s accomplishment of five years on QVC Italy channel, 36 of representation in Italy by our new friend, Eva, and 28 years since the commercial launch of the first backpack of this lively brand!

What better way to celebrate this exciting event than to present the anniversary bag chosen by Kipling and QVC for this special day?!

sA messenger bag without handles with long adjustable straps to go everywhere in maximum style and practicality. It’s a little bit fahsion, a little bit rebel, and a little bit hipster in three colors that conquer jeans, rust, and reptile.

Personally I adore the fact that it is so glamorous and yet so versatile. I can take it with me all the time, without growing tired of it. It is very spacious but not at all cumbersome (and I am a petite little blonde). It can accompany me from morning when I go to work until the evening when I go out for a drink.

Sunglasses… makeup… cell phone… water bottle… notebook… tablet… with the Anniversary bag I can take all the specifics I need for my little world with me strainlessly, with perfect practicality, on the bus, or in the metro and I always feel super chique.

And so, my mind takes on thoughts in nylon and words as I think about how to show you that you want to wear this fantastic bag! I have prepared a little visual for you. So take a look and write me what you think!

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