Dear follower friends,

It’s been more than one month since I have written… please excuse me but for a year I have been fighting against a tumor and every now and then this “inconvenience” that lives in me continues to attack me and I must utilize all the strength I have to fight and defend myself from it. It takes almost all my strength to overcome this battle and I am left with little to write. Today however, I do not want to make you sad, I want only to utilize my blog to vent and with you, confront the fact that this has happened to me and it does not leave me in silence.

Raise your hand if you know Alta Roma. Surely my dear followers, foreigners do not yet know it. Alta Roma is a society that each year in Rome from July to January organize the week of fashion. It is an incredible showcase, with a high potential for promotion of products made in Italy that create a meeting point between the old Maison and the young generations. From the members of the administration council we remember Silvia Venturini Fendi, in position of president (yes, Fendi of the brand Fendi); Franca Sozzani, the director of Vogue Italia that carries on across Alta Roma a Talent Scout of the name, “Who is on next?”; Santo Versace an many other big names famous for being made in Italy.



Exactly one year ago, I had just returned to Italy from London, and decided to ask for accreditation to participate in Alta Roma. Alas the deadline for requesting the above accreditations had passed; so, I decided to ask individual press offices of the designers directly. I sent them an email specifying the number of my followers and attaching some of my articles. In practice, they allowed me—thanks to the trust of the stylists like Giada Curti, Sabrina Persechino, Antonella Rossi—I succeeded to participate in many shows. Obviously not in that of “Who is on next?” because it is organized exclusively for the society of Alta Roma. Last July I had the opportunity to touch first-hand the great potential of Rome: a fantastic city, the only one like it in the world.   At the end of my studies I had decided to let it go because I had not succeeded to find work and because it seemed to me, yes marvelous, but closed within itself. In those days remember, I felt a strong sense of faith and began to think that perhaps the time had come for me to remain in Italy. Alta Roma did not only include official events but had a super cool side; particularly the way it organized Sonia Rondini of FashionInTown that I remember well the London-like atmosphere. Alta Roma of last July allowed me also to make new contacts: I received, among many others, an invitation to a Milan fashion show. At that time however, my illness was discovered. So with illness you must renounce many things… but certainly not living. For many days in the hospital and what picked me up was working intensely on my blog in order to attain by January the much craved accreditation directly from AltaRoma. Although the oncologists would deliver news that not always positive, I was determined and had an objective: to be present at the Roman show. I had to grow (professionally) and improve without feeling sorry for myself!

Rani Zakhem AltaRoma AltaModa

Suddenly I came to some sad news: it was very likely that Alta Roma would not taking place due to financial limitations and because they must be improved in number, said its members, they gave only limited space for young stylists. After long days of trepidation, fear, anxiety good news finally arrived… Alta Roma was a go!I decided however to send AltaRoma the request for accreditation. I didn’t get in. At first I did not find anything wrong; that was only the

beginning, I had few followers. My “consolation” was the fact that the accreditation was not granted to even famous bloggers. The delusion arrived when I discovered that access was granted to people with much less followers than I had, and who updated their content less frequently than I did. I decided then to call AltaRoma to ask for elucidation of the criteria and parameters adopted for the concession of the accreditations. Once I had this information I could “work” to satisfy the requisites necessary in order to attain accreditation. When I explained to the operator my “problem” she didn’t know how to respond… total silence. She justified the situation by telling me that time was to blame, that there were “too many registrants” and many had to be refused.



They didn’t know me… I am the tough type and not easily discouraged! I succeeded to obtain passes for the January shows thanks to the stylists and promises I made to myself to work harder yet on my blog. So, I began to publish my posts in English as well as Italian, and updated always further content in the field of fashion. I began to contact stylists, not only famous but also newcomers to the industry. Today, my work is under the eyes of everyone. On Facebook I succeeded to increase the number of my followers without the service of a publicity campaign. In the last occasions at AltaRoma I added news about the changes of CDA components and lenders. Everyone has their mouths filled with beautiful words, speaking of their will to give opportunities to the youth and the worthy. Probably with “youth” they meant young fashion designers and not young bloggers.

I, after some time, obtained an invitation to the Coachella Party and many invitations to Milan.

Just a short time ago were announced the dates of the July AltaRoma event. I have sent again my request for accreditation and, guessing a little, it was again rejected. This time however there is news: I know for sure that the “non acceptance” email was delivered to those who sent a request for accreditation. They were accredited, among so many, also bloggers with few followers and those who have less visits and comments on their blog than I have. In the end, the calendar of the show was released on July 6th and the emails of the press office of the Maison are not present as in the previous editions. This time I sent an email asking for an explanation, I must say that they were very hardworking in the response: I was not accepted due to the great number of requests. From more than 500 request they have had to make a very careful selection and have chosen blogs that are not as popular as mine but however are more active. As such they underlined that as of April 30th the information was no longer public.


Sabrina Persechino AltaRoma

I do not want to discuss the fact that up until April 30th I had published posts weekly and in only two months did I not publish more. Among the others it is very simple to falsify the dates of publication. (I know people who do it). I don’t mean to give a lesson in ethics. If I were a stylist I would prefer that those who wrote about me posted good content, well made, and above all had a good following of readers. I stand for quality not quantity.

Now that my anger has passed, I have had a good laugh! I will utilize my strength to heal, and continue to improve my blog. If then one day AltaRoma accepts me, I will be very happy… also because Rome is my home city. Once I am healed however I will do what many young people do, I will emigrate and build a future elsewhere… searching to obtain accreditation for another Fashion Week.

Do you have any advice for me? Thoughts?

Hugs to you all

Affectionately yours,